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    Our Top 3 Solar Generators of 2023!

    By Avery Woods

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    When it comes to reliable, renewable energy sources, solar generators are the perfect solution for providing power during a power outage, emergency, or camping trip.


    Because they offer an efficient and clean way to generate electricity without relying on any external source of fuel.


    In fact, according to BDO Global, by the year 2024, it is estimated that 33% of electricity worldwide will be generated from renewable sources. And solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, or solar for short, is projected to account for almost 60% of this figure.


    To help you make a wise decision about your power needs and energy consumption, we have rounded up the top 3 solar generators for 2023.


    Each of these models are known for its advanced technologies and high-efficiency energy production – making them perfect for powering homes and businesses alike.


    1. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station Solar Generator

    The Jackery Explorer 1000 is a fantastic solar generator, offering a powerful 1000-watt output and 5-hour runtime. This versatility is further enhanced by its 100% green energy with a smart MPPT controller, allowing you to generate clean energy without harming the environment.


    On top of that, it takes only 6 hours to charge fully when powered by solar panels.


    The pure sine wave inverter also ensures a reliable power supply that can be used to power up major appliances, including refrigerators, TVs, fans, electric grills, mini coolers, etc.


    Furthermore, the product is incredibly quiet, with minimal noise emitted while in use. It is, without doubt, one of the top 3 solar generators in 2023 and is an excellent choice for those who want to power their devices in a sustainable and green way.



    2. MAXOAK Portable Power Station 2400Wh Solar Generator

    The MAXOAK Portable Power Station 2400Wh solar generator is a top-of-the-line choice for individuals who need reliable and efficient power solutions in 2023.


    Boasting an impressive capacity of 2400Wh, the inverter that comes with this product can handle up to 1000W AC, which will be suitable for powering most devices under 1000W, including electric drills, mini-fridges, car vacuum cleaners, and even laptops.


    Furthermore, the solar generator comes with an impressive array of ports - 2 AC outlets, one car outlet, 4 USB-A, and 1 USB-C - so you can charge various devices at once.


    The MAXOAK solar generator is also incredibly easy to use. With the help of a compatible solar panel, it can be fully charged in just 10 hours – making it perfect for trips or camping where you don’t have access to traditional power sources.


    The Auto-level 3C High Rate Li-ion Battery Cell also ensures that the device has an impressive 2500+ life cycles.


    Overall, the MAXOAK Portable Power Station 2400Wh solar generator is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and efficient power solutions in 2023.


    3. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station Solar Generator

    The Goal Zero Yeti 500X solar generator is a high-end, reliable solution for those looking to stay powered in any situation. With 500 watts of power capacity, the Yeti 500X can easily keep small appliances such as pellet grills, CPAPs, and televisions running.


    It has an impressive 4-stroke engine with a 60hz frequency for optimal power output.


    Moreover, the Yeti 500X has a 12V car port, USB-C, and USB-C PD ports that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The professional-grade construction of the generator ensures it will last for years to come with its heavy-duty anodized aluminum enclosure.


    On top of that, the Yeti 500X contains only the highest quality Tier 1 Lithium battery cells protected by an advanced multi-sensor battery management system. With a charging time of 10 hours and a runtime of 2 to 4 hours, you can rest assured that your devices will stay powered for as long as possible.



    The Jackery Explorer 1000, MAXOAK Portable Power Station 2400Wh, and Goal Zero Yeti 500X are the top 3 solar generators in 2023. These products offer powerful outputs, long runtimes, efficient energy production, and durable construction.


    No matter your requirements, you’ll find one of these solar generators to be the perfect fit for your needs.